Anybody who tells you the bible will lead you to heaven is equal to an armed robber, shot the person – Pastor says


A Ghanaian pastor identified as Elisha Nyamekye has urged Christians to shot any individual who claims the bible leads to heaven because such people are equal to armed robbers just that they are under disguise.

According to the leader and founder of House of Torah, all the stories in the bible are fabricated just to deceive mankind and give the perception that there is a place call heaven which is the final destination of righteous Christians.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Air Air Commander of GBC Western Radio monitored by, Pastor Elisha said if Christians are reasonable enough, they would have known that the bible contract itself which gives a clear message that it is a fabricated story.

“Commander, let me say this on record, I’m telling any Christiana listening to me now, if anyone tells you the bible gives life, shoot the person, he is an armed robber.” He stated.

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