Because of the ¢2 you earn on YouTube you talk to me like am nobody — Shatta Wale descends on Kwodwo Sheldon (video)

Shatta Wale and Kwodwo Sheldon

Chief Executive Officer of Shatta Movement, Shatta Wale has shown blogger Kwodwo Sheldon the other side of him for obvious reasons.

Though one cannot pinpoint exactly what the self-acclaimed content creator might have done to cause Shatta Wale to use unprinted words against him, it is said that it might be as a result of some of the programs he runs on his YouTube account.

Kwodwo Sheldon like Teacher Kwodwo and Magreheb wades into issues of celebrities’ issues and beefs and digests it to the simplest understanding of his fans and followers on social media.

This according to source has triggered Shatta Wale to descend on him in an Instagram live video monitored by

According to the self-acclaimed king of African dancehall music, Kwodwo Sheldon is nothing but a big fool who speaks rubbish to rich people like him because of the chicken change he earns on his YouTube account.

Shatta Wale also took a munites to blast his fellow muscians for keeping mute over the recent happenings in the industry and as usual, he bad-mouthed the Ghana entertainment industry, saying it is as good as nothing.

Watch him speak in the video below;


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