COVID-19: Ghana Records Another Huge Number Of Recoveries With New Death Case Count


The latest update provided by the Ghana Health Service on the Ghana’s national count of COVID-19 infections as of 30th July 2020 indicates an encouraging number of recoveries recorded,with the death toll also surging after some number of patients succumbed to the horrific effect of the disease.

Per the latest updates issued by the GHS,the COVID-19 cumulative infections has increased to 35,242 after new number of 736 COVID-19 infections were confirmed.

However, the report also added that the number of COVID-19 patients who have been declared recovered hence discharged has also leapfrogged to 31,386 following 665 new recovered cases.

Meanwhile the death toll had also experienced an increase of 7 hence pushing the total number of COVID-19 deaths per the latest update to 175.

Making the necessary deductions of the number of current death cases and recoveries form the the cumulative infections, the number of COVID-19 patients who are left under care and management pegs at 3681.

Concluding my article,i would like to share the doctors advice on the wearing of the face shield with you.Please kindly wear your face shield with your face mask. According to doctors, you wearing your face mask alone doesn’t guarantee you any safety since the disease is now airborne.

And also,when you remove the face shield after you have gotten to your house, you have to use an alcohol based hand sanitizer to clean the front view of the face shield.

Please COVID-19 is real so let let’s stay safe