Fella Makafui To Join Don Jazzy’s Mavin Record With Her ‘2 by 4’ Song?

Fella Makafui and Don Jazzy’

Actress cum entrepreneur now singer Fella Makafui has shown how much she will love to be signed by Mavin Record boss Don Jazzy with her 2 by 4 songs.

Fella Makafui commenting on a video of Mavin’s new artist Ayrstarr told Don Jazzy she can also sing very well therefore he should sign her into his record label as his Ghanaian artist.

Don Jazzy who probably knows what Fella Makafui can do said he trusts her jokingly to show that he knows what is like for her to sing as she praises herself that she sings well.

Fella Makafui with the help of her husband Medikal has released 2 songs and Ghanaians loved the 2nd song more than the first one and since then hasn’t released any more songs but now wants to be signed to a record label.

Screenshot below;


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