Funny Face makes social media debut with a new video days after sustaining ‘mental injury’ – video

Funny Face

Self-acclaimed children president, Funny Face has stormed social media again with a new video as he announces his return from a long time break.

Recall that Funny Face and Castro were good friends before the latter disappeared into thin air.

Well, from what we know, they both recorded a banger which is almost seven years old but is yet-to-be-released.

Amid the ongoing ‘mental’ brouhaha, Funny Face has announced he will soon release the song which is likely to be a potential banger.

The comic actor shared a video of himself to his Instagram page which has been less active for the first time in three years.

In the video, Funny, the father of three who is currently seeking medical attention at the Accra Psychiatric, could be seen talking to a small plant.

Watch the video below;

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