I once caught Agya Koo red handed r@ping an actress on set – Frank Fiifi Gharbin

Frank Fiifi Gharbin

Iconic Ghanaian movie director and producer, Frank Fiifi Gharbin has Narrates how he once caught Agya Koo on set raping a colleague actress

He said that he caught Agya Koo red-handed raping an actress.

Speaking in an interview, Frank revealed that Agya Koo said on Hitz Fm that he once received a slap from him (Frank) because he came on set drunk to stupor and he had to bring him back to the land of the sensible ones.

Narrating his side of the story, Frank disclosed that was never the case.

According to him, he had taken alcohol one time after a day of work and returning on set, he heard a lady scream in one of the rooms, he went over there only to see Agya Koo trying so hard to rape the lady.