I’ll not do a song or shoot a video with Wendy Shay – Fantana


On the saying ‘Let’s support our own’ seems to be a bitter pill for Fantana as she denies doing a song or shooting a video with her former label mate Wendy Shay.

Recall that Fantana and Bullet’s record label parted ways after the singer engaged in a social media rift with former label mate Wendy Shay.

Fantana after leaving the label went on hibernation for close to a year and now appears as an independent artist with the help of her mother and her management.

According to Fantana in an interview with Zionfelix, she went on hibernation just to prepare and rebrand herself as an independent artist and also get to understand the industry well.

“… I have been home focusing on myself, learning different things and rebranding, and just trying to understand the industry well,” she told Zionfelix.

During the interview, the ‘Girls hate on girl’ singer disclosed her relationship with her former label mate Wendy Shay after their feud on social media.

According to her, she is cool with her but close to a year after their beef, she hasn’t spoken to her.

She said; “…my relationship with everybody is cool, with Wendy Shay, we don’t really talk, I haven’t spoken to her but we are cool we are not fighting,”

Zionfelix at some point in the interview asked if Fantana could support him on a song which also features Wendy Shay.

In response, Fantana smiled and stated emphatically that if it is to support Zion then she would do it.

On shooting the video together with Wendy Shay she said; “…ooh no, you know people shoot videos together but on separate places so if its time for me to shoot mine call me so I could shoot mine and go home”.

“…right now I’m not featuring, I rebranded, and I’m independent and focusing on myself,” Fantana said this to answer the question on if she would like to feature Wendy Shay.

Meanwhile, Fantana has said that she doesn’t owe Wendy Shay any apology and never did anything offensive for her to apologize.

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