Lady films her boyfriend on Facebook Live after catching him cheating in new video


A lady decided to film her cheating boyfriend after walking in on him in bed with another woman.

The African-American lady caught her boo laying up with another woman at her apartment.

It turns out that the guy, who lives at his girlfriend’s place, took his new girl to the same apartment.

The aggrieved girlfriend met them getting laid on a duvet on the floor, and her first instinct was to film them on Facebook Live.

She went live and recorded them while they got back into their clothes and walked them out of her house.

However, it is interesting how she was able to keep her cool when most women would usually have their emotions flying all over the place in a situation like that.

Meanwhile, the yet-to-be-identified lady snapped when her man tried talking back at her for filming the entire scene.


Many on social media have called out the cheater for being shameless enough to take another woman to an apartment paid for by his lady.

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