LGBT community should fight for their rights just like how ‘Weed’ advocates fight for its legalization – Fameye


Ghanaian highlife singer and rapper, Peter Famiyeh Bozah, known by the stage name Fameye has waded into the LGBTI debate.

In recent weeks, the LGBT community in Ghana has called for same-sex marriages to be legalized in the country.

The majority of Ghanaians are against the legalization of LGBTI(L£sbians, G@ys, Bisexuals, and Transgender and Intersex) rights in Ghana.

Some Ghanaians are also advocating for people who find themselves in the LGBTQI community to enjoy legal freedom in Ghana.

Amid the LGBTI debate, the ‘Long life’ hitmaker has that he doesn’t support the LGBT, however, he thinks those who are advocating for it can fight for their rights.

According to the singer, he believes advocates of LGBTQ can fight for LGBTQ rights just as others also fight for the legalization of marijuana use.

Speaking to Pulse, Fameye revealed that everyone has the right to fight for what he or she wants so he thinks the LGBTQ community is also fighting for their rights.

Fameye said: “in this life, everyone fights for their rights so I think they are also fighting for their rights, me I don’t support it but they support it so they should fight for it.

“they are also fighting for their rights just like how weed advocates also fight for its legalization so it is everyone with they are fighting for”.

Watch the interview below:


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