Moesha Buduong finally reveals why she entered into music and sing like Beyoncé

Moesha Buduong

Actress Moesha Boduong has opened up on why she decided to venture into music and launch her music career.

During an interview at her plush mansion during her surprise birthday breakfast, Moesha indicated that the decision to add music to acting came easy to her.

According to her, she has always loved to sing and dance therefore charting a new career path was the right thing to do so as to showcase her other talent in music.

Moesha revealed that way back in senior high school, she used to dance a lot and it earned her the title “Moeyonce which was culled from Beyonce due to the similarity in their craft.

The actress said she was venturing on this new journey because she knew her fans and followers were going to love her for it and she was all for entertaining them.

Speaking on why she took an affinity to US icon Beyonce, Moesha indicated that she has always been a fan of the Single Ladies hitmaker and loved her to bits.

She went on to add that she was a music person therefore singing came quite naturally to her.

Moesha then went on to urge Ghanaians to anticipate back-to-back hits from her and also keep supporting everything she does.

The curvy actress celebrated her birthday on March 10 and released a remake of Beyonce’s Diva music video.

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