Show nudity before you can become popular and stay relevant in the industry — McBrown friendly advises Yaa Yaa


Veteran Ghanaian movie actress, Nana Ama McBrown has friendly advised her colleague Yaya on what to do to stay relevant and enjoy free public hype if she cares about her future and talent.

During an interview with Naa Ashorkor of Asaase FM monitored by, McBrown said Yaya must blend hardworking with nudity before she can get recognition in Ghana because that has been the nation’s norm.

You wouldn’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that Ghanaian female musicians are mostly given less attention in the industry following the simple canker which they refuse to obey.

However, the likes of Akuapem Poloo, Shugatiti, Sista Afia and the rest have gotten the antidote and have stayed relevant for decades because they simply expose their nudity to the fans and Ghanaians.

This might have triggered Naa Ashorkor to ask McBride to share her thought on why female celebrities get less attention despite their talent and hardworking in the industry.

Using Yaya as a clear example, McBrown advised that if her colleague wants the attention of Ghanaians and keeps her talent flourishing, she should start exposing the inner part of her body which will attract the attention of Ghanaians.

She added that social media is the current venue where celebrities sell their talents to their fans and by so doing, you first give them (fans) what they want.

She explained that during her time, there wasn’t anything like social media and so talents was paid attention to unlike these days where technology has taken control.

”During my time, there was nothing like social media. There were no platforms like that. So our talent came to play. People got to recognize us through our talent. In Yaa Yaa’s era, it will be hard to succeed on just your talent,” Nana Ama said.


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