Trump Represents An Unjustifiable Leadership Failure – Biden


Democrat presidential candidate of the United States of America, Joe Biden, has hit out hard at President Donald Trump yet again, describing the president’s inability to develop a strategic plan to contain the spread of coronavirus as ‘an unjustifiable failure of leadership’ that costs lives everyday.

The presidential candidate made this claim via his Twitter handle when he tweeted

“It’s been over six months since the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the United States, and President Trump still doesn’t have an effective plan to contain its spread. It’s an unjustifiable failure of leadership that costs lives everyday”.

Biden’s tweet constitutes part of an ongoing verbal fray between the two presidential candidates, which has been characterised by scathing criticism of each other’s political manifesto/ideology.

Trump, in the past months has been heavily criticized by the World Health Organization over his management strategy of the novel coronavirus. Most recently, the American President came out to laud claims by Dr Stella Immanuel, an American based physician, that she has developed the cure for coronavirus using the anti-malaria drug, hydroxy-chloroquine, despite contrary results from other research undertakings.

With a significant surge in the number of coronavirus cases in America, Trump’s Democratic opponent appears to believe that President Trump has not done enough to protect the American populace from this invisible enemy, which represents an unjustifiable leadership failure.