Wode Maya surpases Sarkodie to become the most subscribed YouTube channel in Ghana — screenshots


Finest Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie has been surpassed as the most subscribed YouTube channel in Ghana by a Ghanaian YouTuber known as Wode Maya.

It is said that Wode Maya started his YouTube channel somewhat in 2013 with the help of his mother when he had lived Ghana to China as a comedian after getting inspired by a group of Ghanaians who were dwelling in America known as Real Life Azonto.

Mr. Ghana Baby, as affectionately called by most of his peers changed the content of his YouTube and started hosting varieties of African personalities who were changing the narrative of the continent from hospitality to food and beverages industries simply because he wanted to propagate things in Africa.

According to the report, he gave his account a Chinese name (Wode Maya) which means ‘my mother’ in English following the immense support he got from his mother when he was starting the channel.

Today, the channel has garnered a staggering 710,000+ subscribers surpassing Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie who channel currently stands at 708,000+.

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